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Washington Times

GOP health care plan could harm anti-opioid efforts
Washington Times
The House GOP's health care bill would leave 14 million fewer people on Medicaid and force other patients to pay thousands of dollars more for substance abuse treatment, analysts said, in what some lawmakers fear would be a major step backward in the ...
Health Groups Double-Back Over Republican Health BillThe Daily Caller
As Californians lose their health insurance, Republicans should be held responsibleSacramento Bee
Contrasting views of health care reportThe Herald Bulletin -ABC News -Albuquerque Journal -Congressional Budget Office
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Greenville News

Newly insured fret over gains made under US health care law
ABC News
In this Tuesday, May 23, 2017, photo, Dawn Erin poses for a photo at her home, in Austin, Texas. Erin was among more than 20 million Americans who gained coverage under Affordable Care Act. The health law helped push uninsured rates to historic lows ...
Proposed Medicaid cuts could impact veterans' health careGreenville News
Paul Ryan's 'health reform' masks big tax giveaways for the well-off: Thomas

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American conservatives love to bash Canadian health care — but US corporations love it
President Donald Trump has been pushing hard, along with Republicans in Congress, to eliminate former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. But as he and leaders of the Senate and House struggle to come up with some alternative health care ...
Single-payer health care plan would require massive tax increasePress-Enterprise

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LISTEN: The “state of emergency” around Donald Trump and mental health
Psychiatrist Bandy Lee joined me recently for a conversation about Donald Trump and mental health on “The Chauncey DeVega Show.” Lee, a psychiatrist at Yale University who specializes in public health and violence prevention, says Trump has ...

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The Jerusalem Post

Cancer Association marks, Health Ministry ignores World No-Smoking Day
The Jerusalem Post
While the ICA is marking International No-Smoking Day – which falls this year on Shavuot, May 31 – Health Minister Ya'acov Litzman has announced no plans to do so. Several years ago, the ministry canceled its annual health minister's press conference ...

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Washington Times

Sen. Bill Cassidy: Senate health bill will outdo House plan
Washington Times
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said Sunday his chamber plans to outdo a House-passed health bill that would repeal and replace Obamacare but, according to formal estimates, result in 23 million fewer people holding insurance a decade from now.
The Senate Can't Pass Health Care Without This ManBloomberg

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Keith Ellison attempts to slam 'cruel' health care system but inadvertently rips Obamacare instead
Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D) took to Twitter early Sunday to slam the “cruel” health care system following a hate crime in Portland. “Our healthcare system is so cruel, one of the heroes of the Portland stabbing has to crowdfund his lifesaving ...

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Salem County Veterans Corner: Added access to health care for vets
The Veterans Choice Program is a critical program that increases access to health care for veterans by authorizing millions of appointments for veterans in their own community. The program allows eligible veterans to seek care from private doctors if ...

Seattle Times

Prescription from health clinic: Play this Bellevue startup's video game
Seattle Times
Litesprite's customers are health-insurance companies, academic institutions and clinics, including Seattle-based Cascade Behavioral Health. The institutions pay to license the game for patients to use. (Consumers can also directly download a free beta ...

Letter of the Week: Treat health care as a right, not a privilege
Salt Lake Tribune
I am a radiation therapist working at Huntsman Cancer Hospital. I've been a therapist for 21 years and I've seen the things that can happen to people without health care. I'm very concerned that Donald Trump wants to get rid of Obamacare and replace it ...

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